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Case Management

LMS International, Inc. provides multiple solutions for effective medical case management all designed to achieve the best results at a level of cost that is appropriate for each case.

We provide employers and insurance carriers different methods of management from Field Case Management to Telephonic Case Management to even International Defense Base Act (DBA) Nurse Case Management. Our solutions make sure that medical plans are established and executed for all cases.

Nurse Case Management

Our nurses aggressively manage each case to provide optimal healing and results for injured workers globally.

The LMS International, Inc. medical case management program offers telephonic and field case management nationwide.

The nurses work hand-in-hand with experts in the Workers’ Compensation field to establish proper case momentum and standard of care.

All of our medical case managers are licensed, Registered Nurses and experienced case managers. They work closely with our clients with a focus on quality care.

International DBA Nurse Case Management

Our newest industry leading solution is International DBA Nurse Case Management.

For Defense Base Act claims, there is often a need to have stronger oversight and management where an employee remains overseas to obtain ongoing treatment.

Having nurses in-country who understand the local medical environment is essential to achieving the proper course of treatment at an acceptable medical standard.

LMS International, Inc. currently maintains nurses in Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar to provide the same quality, cost-effective and results-oriented case management that has come to be expected from LMS International, Inc.

Additional Case Management Services include:

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