LMS International Inc.

Peer Reviews

We Retain Consulting Physicians

LMS International, Inc. retains a panel of credible and fully vetted consulting physicians who specialize in medical record review, radiology aging studies and reports to determine the following services.

Our physicians are board certified in a vast range of specialties with experience in many sectors of the insurance industry. Medical record reviews are extremely beneficial to obtain expert analysis and manage costs for employers.

Additional Peer Review Services

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Review and Aging Studies

LMS International, Inc. provides cutting-edge diagnostic image review aging studies.

Since injuries often occur to areas previously injured, it is important to be able to interpret the effects and trauma of previous injuries versus new injuries.

Our physicians are specifically trained to read MRIs, X-Rays, bone scans, and more in order to better assess the time period during which an injury occurred.

The aging study provides you with a more accurate assessment of the injuries that have occurred to a given part of the body making the appropriate level of care easier to determine.

Drug Utilization Review

Drug Utilization Review is an effective tool for managing the efficient use of medications.

With prospective, concurrent and retrospective review, we are able to ensure prescribed medication is being used appropriately, safely and effectively towards improving the patient’s health.

LMS International, Inc. provides elite Drug Utilization Reviews by using both prescribing doctors and pharmacists in the review process. By continually reviewing and modifying the use and effectiveness of medication, we are able to lower the overall cost of care.

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