Vocational SERVICES

Transferable Skills Analysis

Labor Management Services, Inc. offers the transferable skills analysis (TSA) as a stand-alone product or as part of a vocational evaluation/labor market survey. The TSA process takes into consideration a worker’s history of employment and skills to determine which of those skills may be translated to another position. This analysis involves the individual’s previous work history and experience, education, on-the-job training, and general worker traits, strengths, and capabilities.

Vocational Testing

Our vocational testing reviews the range of an individual’s general education, aptitude, personality traits and career interests. The information gathered is useful in determining appropriate transferable skills and retraining options.

Onsite Job Analysis

Our onsite job analysis program expedites the employer’s ability to bring injured workers back to productive work. Our vocational experts will visit and review the work site to establish transitional duties that fall within the injured worker’s physical restrictions.

Life Care Planning

Labor Management Services, Inc. offers life care planning for catastrophic injury/illness cases. These plans are used to determine the cost of medical care, durable medical equipment, attendant care, medication, medical supplies, home care, and other costs related to planning for the lifetime of a catastrophic claim.