International IME SERVICES

Labor Management Services, Inc. (LMS) is a network-partners team providing legal and insurance entities access to most credible, certified International Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) specialists throughout the country. Our goal is always to provide the best service and quality with a focus on addressing the specific claim concerns for employers and insurance carriers. LMS staff are versed in Workers’ Compensation, long-term and short-term disability, auto and general liability, malpractice and long-term care reviews. All of our reports are in compliance with the Department of Labor and various jurisdictional requirements.

Our reports capture some of the main issues involved in claims management:

  • Time Sensitive – Facilitating prompt scheduling and expeditious reports because each day lost is money lost.
  • Addressing the Issues At Hand – Ensuring that the doctor understands the facts of the case to make certain that all pertinent concerns are addressed directly.
  • Expertise – We are Workers’ Compensation experts, and we fully understand the legal parameters within which certain decisions must be made.
  • Specialty – Selecting the proper medical evaluators from a multitude of specialties to ensure proper assessment and avoid unrelated discovery.

Additional IME Services

  • Disability (STD/LTD)
  • Auto and General Liability
  • Malpractice
  • Long-Term Care

Disability Ratings

LMS believes in the importance of having experienced doctors provide disability ratings. Disability ratings are derived from impairment ratings which include a several factors beyond the just the essential functions of the job. Strong consideration of an individual’s pre-injury abilities is imperative to a comprehensive and accurate rating. To reduce the amount of time a doctor spends on administrative tasks, LMS always provides the physician with a complete picture of the case, packaged in a cogent and concise summary.

Second Opinion

A second opinion is often needed to clarify ambiguity within a previous medical report. After all, statistically speaking a greater sample size is much more likely to be accurate. Because a physician providing a second opinion is likely new to the case, LMS works extremely hard to gather and provide the full picture to the physician to allow him/her to make an accurate assessment. By working with you to obtain all the necessary and relevant documentation and then ensuring that it is delivered to the doctor so as to allow for efficient review, all parties’ time, and ultimately bottom line, is saved.

Fitness For Duty

An employee’s fitness for duty can often be called into question and should always be evaluated following an injury whether the injury requires time off work or not. LMS has established an early Return-To-Work and Stay-At-Work Program which can be applied to Workers’ Compensation cases or non-work related injuries or illnesses. Our program is designed to enhance the physical and psychological recovery process for an injured worker and reduce medical, disability and lost-time costs. Our program will reduce indirect accident costs and minimize the chance of re-injury. We work with your employees to encourage their cooperation with the program and enhance their sense of confidence and well-being in order to establish a more stable workforce. We understand that each of our clients has their own business needs and our services are tailored to the issues that are most important to them.