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Webinar: Initial Investigations and the Mysteries of a Perfect 3-Point Contact (2019)

Join us on our upcoming LMS Webinar on May 30, 2019 11PDT/2EDT

“Initial Investigations and the Mysteries of a Perfect 3-Point Contact”

Sasha Grover, Esq. – Brown Sims
Haleh Khodayari, ARM – Advanced Consulting, Inc.

Initial Investigations: A new file, a new challenge, a way to do it right from the onset

What methods of initial investigation will prevent us from taking the wrong route on a new claim?
How to deal with the discrepancies from the onset, and put the adversities into good use when a new claim hits our job queue?
The traditional 3-point contacts: its benefits, myths, and the political/marketing aspects of the phrase.
What does a true useful 3-point contact mean?
Litigation at its best from the onset of a claim.
Have we taken conservative treatment too far? When is a good time to take the aggressive approach to medical treatment?
Surveillance: Is it too soon?
Winning the battle when your main initial goal becomes “Return to Work”

Investigation – WC Initial Contact Scripts – PDF Checklist of initial contact questions to the Employee, Employer, and Medical Provider.

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