LMS International Inc.

LMS International, Inc.

A Platform developed by and for Federal Claims Professionals.

What We Do

LMS International, Inc. is a network-partners team providing legal and insurance entities access to the most credible, certified International Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) specialists throughout the country. Our goal is to provide the best service and quality with a focus on addressing the specific claim concerns for employers and insurance carriers. Our staff is well versed in Workers’ Compensation and Federal claims. All of our reports are in compliance with the Department of Labor and various jurisdictional requirements. Our services are provided globally (see where we operate).

Our Services:

What Sets Us Apart

Time Sensitive

Facilitating prompt scheduling and expeditious reports because each day lost is money lost.

Addressing The Issues At Hand

Ensuring that the doctor understands the facts of the case to make certain that all pertinent records are provided.


We are Workers’ Compensation experts. Our team fully understands the legal and jurisdictional parameters required by each claim.


Selecting the proper credible medical evaluators from a multitude of specialties to ensure proper assessment.

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